Series 25 | Part 1: Mainstream Inequality

These are scary times if you’re not a rich white male. Oh, and straight, Christian, born here, and without physical or mental disability. It would also behoove you to hate as many people as you can…just to be safe.

Donald Trump’s behavior has encouraged bigotry to come out of the shadows. Moreover, some of them are claiming that they are being discriminated, and that’s coming straight from the top.

The Department of Justice is actually investigating whether university applicants who are not white are given preferential treatment to the point that white people are actually being left behind on purpose. To be more clear, if you are not rich, white, male, straight, Christian, native to America, and without a disability, that doesn’t make you any different from anyone else. However, some people who fit this description of an apparently superior group are claiming that they are treated differently and actually treated as inferior.

Okay, so that’s ridiculous. Now, I do understand math. There will definitely be fewer spots for white people on a roster if you’re letting in people who don’t happen to be white. However, that doesn’t mean they are less qualified than you. Additionally, we are trying to give them chances that you unfairly tried to disqualify them from getting on the basis of their raise. So consider this counterbalancing your previous actions, a punishment if you choose to see it that way, or just as a way to give an unfairly treated class of people the fair treatment they’ve always deserved and never received.

As an aside, please note that most Trump supporters focus so much on profit that they’d hire overseas workers before hiring Americans, but they also think they should get a degree that won’t lead to a job because the same people wouldn’t even hire themselves. They’re tripping over their own bigotry.

Now, is it possible that white people are actually being discriminated? Well, I suppose. I mean, there is the argument that whatever white people did in the past, it’s not the SAME white people that are being punished for it. That’s their reparations argument. Is it possible that universities are trying to meet certain diversity goals embedded in requirements of federal assistance programs and diversity-minded donors? Well, of course. Universities have taken money from the federal government in exchange for promising to teach students critical languages, but they just admitted students who already spoke the languages and kept the money. Corporations do this, as well, hiring a diverse set of actors to be on the front cover of annual reports to make it look like a more diverse organization than they actually are. So, it’s possible universities do this with diversity, as well.


The whole point is not that white people are being left behind or something but that the only white people claiming this are the same white people that think the something is to subjugate anyone who isn’t white. They go on to say that we should subjugate people who aren’t Christian, straight, gun owners, as well.

So, one at a time then, let’s look at the four arenas in which racism and practically every other -ism is becoming more and more mainstream, more and more accepted as normal, since Trump came into office and why.

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