Economically, Trump could do something, but he has to accept that he’s not going to win the aforementioned fight. If he hints at comingling war and economics, he’ll lose both. However, if he lifts sanctions on Russia in exchange for Russia standing idly by while China’s economy falls, that will work for the U.S and it will show China what they already know: that Russia is too weak. There are been many instances in which China has seen that they are running out of people to copy. Seriously! I know! This is their strategy. They have copied Russia for decades, nearly a century, in terms of style of government, control of its people, bullying of other countries, and in other areas.

In fact, China understands total war, but it has always looked to Russia to figure out how to run a country. China’s 36 War Strategems clearly show that China knows how to wage a war. What they don’t know how to do is run a country or appear to be civil. The only thing they know how to do is hurt their people and hurt other people. Like aliens invading the planet for its resources and then moving on to the next planet, they move from one country to another, doing exactly that. They bring their own people, not even paying locals for food or shelter (for example, flying in chefs and sleeping in tents in Zimbabwe), so as to ensure no benefit to the local economy with which it partnered. In fact, they’ve learned how to lie about mutually beneficial ‘partnerships’ from Russia. They’ve been quoted as saying they are scared that they’re running out of people to copy! Therefore, if they watch Russia do exactly nothing as the Chinese economy falls, what can they do? Invade Russia? Ha! In this way, Trump could do something good.

Trump should beware of the underground trade of literally everything and understand that he will probably not do much to hurt China, but if we can start slowing China’s economy, their citizens will realize they were betrayed and lose hope and other countries will start asking if American companies might want to build there instead of China. Trump will say no, but maybe the next President will say yes. In fact, as China’s economy slows, they will ramp up their military threats against the U.S., and therefore, they will be seen as threatening to kill if you don’t give them money. That is universally regarded as a hostage situation, and I don’t think China can survive politically if they do that. Nonetheless, I think they will do that, and that will show the world, to those who don’t know yet, who they really are. As the judge character in a courtroom drama says, “You can’t unring the bell.” The CCP is an organized crime unit, nothing more, and if cornered, they will be seen as such. They will still control a lot, but as money dries up and military inventory gets older and contracts end and won’t be renewed with various countries and companies around the world, the CCP will never budge but will get weaker and weaker. Therefore, economic development in Pakistan will slow, hope in the Iranian government will deflate somewhat, that new Silk Road certainly won’t go anywhere, and other countries will start to build in those areas. Russia couldn’t do that, though, because sanctions will be placed on them in they do. Maybe the President after Trump will do that and, if a democrat, help build up Pakistan, work with India on that, and start to show China that they are surrounded. Again, not in a militaristic way but to get them to sit down and understand that we love them and that they just need to get a grip. It’ll be a nice little intervention for those crazy people in Beijing.

Trump probably can’t do a damn thing about cyberattacks. That will be a very disastrous thing for America. This is a direct attack on civilians, and in fact, the rules of war, whether they are to not attack civilians or any other rule, are over. The rules of engagement have changed, and we should all be aware of that. During any time when Russia is boxed in, if Trump can do that, Russia and China and many others will attempt hacks. Russia and China are larger and, therefore, more noticeable, more frequent thus more identifiable, but there are others. I can’t say there’re many others because I don’t like the idea of just shouting whatever I feel like. Yes, North Korea and Iran have hacked. Yes, there are non-state hackers. However, in this post, focusing on Russia, it’s important to note that there will be many hacks from Russia during the time Trump is successful. Civilians will suffer. I doubt Russia will directly extract money from bank accounts in the United States or its ally countries, but I do believe it will make clear to all people of the United States that Russia is here and closer to their living rooms than ever before. It’s lose-lose for Trump. He presides over a country of people that are united in their fear of speaking freely, which erodes freedom of speech and other basic rights, and in their fear of voting, or he loses all his money by letting China do what they want with us. Either way, he loses. HOWEVER, in his view, this is not a loss because he doesn’t care about anyone but himself, and he has enough money and he does have the freedom to speak because, of course, he’s the President. Therefore, he would not be opposed to a way that would create jobs in America and also make the American people fear for their lives. He’s totally fine with that!

Hacking everywhere, money everywhere, and eventually, like I said earlier, those countries, mainly China, that don’t take military action because their economic warfare tactics are working well enough and are on pace with their goals will start to use military action when the money appears on a path to drying up someday, which will lead to the world seeing them for who they really are. We’ll have money, we’ll be terrified, someone’s going to die, and it’ll take a long time to undo the fear Trump, and others that Trump allows, put into our minds. Regardless, that’s something undoable.


  1. “I think Trump has a dangerous combination of thinking he can control literally everyone, including world leaders, and getting closer to Putin because he wants to use Putin as a way to corner China by neutralizing Russia’s alliance with China by packaging such a great deal that Trump could do things that Putin would actually support even though it seriously harms Russia.”

    While I agree with you on everything you wrote here, I don’t share your optimism that Trump is even remotely capable of strategic thinking/politics.

    Rather; I see Trump as the blindfolded man playing blind man’s bluff. But; he’s got an additional impediment – he’s got ear plugs in his ears as well, so everything he does is nothing but a stab in the dark in hopes that it accomplishes something, anything.

    The ONLY thing he knows, is how to behave like a child, seeking revenge against Obama and the Clintons through Executive Orders. I can’t recall even one bill he supported or began by Trump that ever made it’s way through Congress and that’s simply because he’s extraordinarily unintelligent, inept leader with zero skills in leadership.

    Extremely narcissistic, sociopathic, illiterate human being, he’s got one of the most serious of id issues I’ve ever seen in public life. Everything he has done so far is to repeal as many Obama’s accomplishments he can through Executive Order, for he has no clue how to work with Congress. That and obsess over crowd sizes, “3 million fraudulent voters” to make him the most popular president too.

    You are absolutely correct in stating he thinks he can control anyone and everyone. You need only look at one of his remarks to confirm this; “if Chicago doesn’t fix their violence, then I’ll send in the Feds”. Even this is a jab at Obama, who came from Illinois. There are many cities far more violent than Chicago: East St Louis, Mo; Camden, NJ; Detroit, Mi; Alexandria, LA; Wilmington, DE, Memphis, TN; Flint, MI; Saginaw, MI; Oakland, CA; St Louis, MO; Ardmore, OK; Birmingham; Al, etc., etc., etc. In fact; Chicago doesn’t even appear in the top 20 lists of most dangerous cities to live https://www.neighborhoodscout.com/blog/top100dangerous-2016

    Now, he’s taking his arrogance internationally, “warning” EL Salvador that “if they don’t get their violence under control, he’ll send in the U.S. military. I mean WTF???? Who does he think he is? And El Salvador share that sentiment, for the stated they’d take this as an act of war and the Association of American States would likely back El Salvador.

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