One China Policy

The other day, Donald Trump backed away from the One China Policy. In a call with President of China Xi Jinping, he agreed to abide by the rule that no country can have any diplomatic relations with Taiwan. Now, some countries do, but ensuring the United States never does is perhaps the most important part of China’s foreign policy.

Trump received a call from the leader of Taiwan to express her congratulations on his win. In response, China gave Trump the silent treatment, ya know, like a five-year-old would do. Only a few weeks into his presidency, Trump couldn’t handle it anymore and backed off. How he was threatened during this silent treatment is a mystery. Maybe he just doesn’t like when he’s ignored, even by the people he says he doesn’t want to talk to. Definitely a mystery.

Now, you might say that Trump should have a good relationship with China, that we should ignore the rights of Taiwan and other countries that are separate from China despite China’s delusions. You might say that our diplomatic relations with any country should be dictated by China. As such, you might say we should let China control everything we do. I mean, they don’t have a democracy, and a democracy elected Donald Trump. So, ergo, China must have a more supreme governing model that does the United States. You may also be either A) a Chinese sympathizer if not more connected or B) braindead.

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