One China Policy

What we need to do is get out. We need to leave China. We need to take all the jobs out of China. We need to move to Vietnam, India, and anywhere else we can. We need to support the economies of countries that align with us instead of continuing to think we can change the minds of a government that will lie for a buck and spend that money on guns so they can have the arms to lie for two bucks, and then three bucks, and so on.

What we can do as citizens to ensure that we don’t elect anyone that is pro-Chinese is to start blocking China ourselves. As small businesses, we need to purchase products from Southeast Asian countries, not China. We need to quite literally send money to these countries in a manner that ensures that send products back to the United States that we’ve designed for them to assemble. That’s what China does to take away America’s influence around the world. Therefore, we need to start doing the exact thing we do with China but with other countries.

In short, we screwed up globalization. It’s a beautiful idea, but it’s really hard to do anything right on the first try, and this was a really big thing. So, we shouldn’t feel ashamed that we screwed it up. We send we’ll outsource all our jobs, and the CCP took all of them. As a result, we’re globalized, we’re bilateralized, and that’s not building any political capital around the world in countries outside the U.S. and China.

So many allies and we chose China instead. Astonishing. We focused on cost and now it’s costing us. I’m sure we all know a babyboomer we could have predicted would do some stupid frugal thing like that in a reckless abandon to save money while the superior generation they tried to raise to do the same had to sit on its hands and watch them make so many obvious mistakes. We all know a babyboomer that would do that. We all know one that has done that. We all watch as they continue doing that. Selling us out all the time and saying we’re the stupid ones.

So, your roadmap out of our problems is simple. Just leave China. That’ll fix it all. China’ll get pissed, of course, and they might even try to fight back, but they’ll hurt us anyway if we don’t leave. When they finally use their military to get their jobs back. the whole world will fight against them, and they’ll never be able to stop us all.

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