One China Policy

The Chinese government can count this as a victory. Other countries considering ignoring Taiwan’s wishes have now been given permission to do so by Trump’s actions. The leader of the most powerful nation in the world promised to have good relations with someone, doesn’t matter whom, and China got him to change his mind. Granted, I’m sure he just did that for show, but China is watching. Therefore, he can’t go back on what he said. Therefore, anything he does that looks like he’s going back on the agreement to the Policy is going to receive whatever China can do to punish him, and they’ll do it. They punish people around the world for disobedience, using economic boycotts and cancellation of business dealings in response. Their most popular request to let their worldwide subjugation continue without saying a word. As long as you don’t tell anyone what they are doing, you’re usually fine, and that’s what Trump is doing by capitulating to this Policy. He’s also going back on the one thing I liked about him.

Not much is going to happen because Trump agreed to the One China Policy. That’s just a continuation of the same obedience to the CCP that many past presidents have chosen to commit. It’s horrendous. This allows China to continue growing its worldwide campaign of propaganda, putting their operatives in our kindergarten classrooms to teach pro-Mao education, their protesters at our speeches to denounce anything anti-China or not overtly pro-China, and their hackers in our computers and our fighter jet navigation systems. Yet again, the President of the United States has lost to the CCP.

It’s such a shame that the one person who was so against politics and so interested in doing completely disastrous things could do the one disastrous thing that would have caused so many problems but eventually so many great things to happen. We need to disentangle ourselves from the Chinese regime. We’re slaves to them. They have all the jobs and all the money, and now they want to come here and invest that money here, hiring their own people, “importing,” as they say, their own workers from China to replace Americans. They’ll work on critical infrastructure, installing any necessary monitoring devices so that they can threaten to crumble that infrastructure if we’re ever disobedient. They’ll rebuild our roads and bridges and airports, they’ll try to get their hands on a 5G network in this country, they’ll try to own our oil or at least help Russian own our oil, and they’ll influence our Congress in any way they legally can and, via hacking, any way they illegally can.

The babyboomers got us into this mess, and we’re damned if we stay in it and damned if we try to get out of it. It’s going to hurt, but it’ll hurt less if we get out now rather than later and less if we got out a decade ago instead of still being in this mess. Now we’re being hacked all the time and China won’t let us say anything about it without the risk of being hacked again. The enemy has enough money to forge a vast network across many countries working together to stop us from providing freedom. They hate freedom. They want to abuse people. That’s their Sunday funday. That’s what they do for fun. That’s how they relax after a hard day at work. Their most fun activity is abusing non-Han Chinese people, and China has even enlisted none-the-wiser non-Hans to weaken the United States enough so that China can destroy us and then move on to firing those non-Hans whence they’re no longer needed and then subjugate them, as well, creating vassal states everywhere.

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