FBI Director Fired

Anyway, Trump’s an idiot.

What’s happened so far is there’s been a Special Counsel. The DOJ appointed this person so uh oh Jeff Sessions. NOPE! Not this time, Trump! Sessions already recused himself so his Deputy Attorney General appointed to General Counsel a FORMER FBI DIRECTOR. That’s a pretty good idea for investigative purposes and also not what Trump was hoping for. I don’t like the jabbing back and forth and the games we have to play, but Trump is playing games, and we won’t this round when we got Robert Mueller as special counsel.

Nearly everyone in Congress is excited about not only getting a special counsel but that it is Robert Mueller. Senator Chuck Schumer is finally able to breathe, and overall, everyone from intelligence committee members to representatives in positions not related to the investigation’s core areas is excited they have a shot at getting their country back.

However, is this really going to change anything? At this point, is there anything Mueller can do now that Comey is gone? How is this going to improve the investigation? What is the difference between a special counsel and a special prosecutor? Well, it used to be that an independent panel of three judges would appoint a special counsel, which is largely the same of a special prosecutor. Before Nixon, the President and Attorney General could do this. Since Nixon was the subject of an investigation, Congress created this panel judges because, obviously the President and anyone directly under his or her employ couldn’t be trusted. After issues with the way that panel behaved when Bill Clinton was President, that panel was disbanded. However, Democrats now are still trying to get it. So maybe this was a compromise.

So what’s going to come of this DOJ-appointed special counsel? Frankly, I think Sessions’ recusal makes it possible that Mueller might not be someone they appointed to do whatever the DOJ and therefore Trump wants him to do. See, Jeff Sessions would do whatever Trump wanted, but a former FBI director would never do that. Furthermore, the deputy attorney general Rod Rosenstein found it disgusting that Trump asked Comey to stop investigating Flynn. So it’s pretty clear that Mr. Rosenstein didn’t choose Mueller in order to appoint someone who would do whatever Trump said. He’s even clearer, with Mueller as counsel, that Trump will not be able to influence this investigation.


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