Obstruction of Justice

First of all, Lieutenant General Michael Flynn wasn’t as forthcoming to Pence, Spicer, and others about his conversations with Sergey Kislyak, Russia’s Ambassador the United States. He also lied on his application for renewal of his top-secret security clearance last year. He had ties with at least two Russian officials and didn’t disclose that to the Pentagon on his application. So, given these violations, whether they are clear violations of law or just a very strong indication of an inability to trust Flynn, it’s good that he was fired. In light of Trump’s more recent calls for loyalty from many of his staff, I feel that Flynn was also fired because he seemed like a guy who played by his own rules instead of being someone that Trump could trust to play by Trump’s rules. In other words, he was too confident in taking his own actions such that Trump couldn’t trust him to fall in line.

So, after Flynn was fired, there were myriad testimonies and calls to action to uncover what Flynn did, whether it was unethical or possibly even illegal, who knew about it, and whether anyone else was culpable.

All of this seems to be in the past regarding the current situation with Trump, but for some reason, Trump kept defending the person he fired. He kept defending Flynn.

Donald Trump has, in fact, done many things that seemed to be worthy of an investigation in obstruction of justice.

Unfortunately, it’s often said that an act must rise to the level of being considered a violation. There are some situations in which an infraction is so minor that it is not considered a violation. Often times, however, a case can be pled down, for example, from homicide to manslaughter. Other times, there is no lesser charge. However, in this case, there is both misdemeanor obstruction of justice and felony obstruction of justice. Even still, Mueller will have to provide enough evidence to even be able to bring the case to court. He needs to know and will have to be able to prove that Trump’s actions rise to the level of either misdemeanor obstruction of justice or felony obstruction of justice. If he can’t do that, then, unfortunately, the law states there is no case.

What have been some of Trump’s actions?


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