Obstruction of Justice

He obviously breached protocol by contacting law enforcement officials and having uncheckable conversations with at least one of them, but that’s just a precaution put in place to ensure Comey and others can’t be influenced. Being influenced would be as much the fault of an FBI Director, an AG, or others as it would be Trump’s fault. No one should have to be put under that much pressure so it’s clear Trump is simply a bully, but did he actually violate a law? Ethics violations, sure! But is that punishable? All of this is what’s going on right now, and as of last night, what’s being investigated as a possible criminal act.

Mueller has been looking into this for a long time now, and as of last night, he decided there’s enough evidence to warrant a formal investigation. You can’t investigate if there isn’t cause to do so, and Mueller now feels there’s enough.

Unfortunately, I don’t see a smoking gun. I wish there was, but I don’t see it. I personally believe there is an abundance of evidence but no smoking gun. As such, I’m not sure whether a judge would determine that there’s enough evidence to try the case, as you can’t tie someone up in a legal matter without evidence. However, I can say that, whatever Mueller can do, there’s plenty of evidence coalescing around Obstruction of Justice if not pointing directly to it AND that any of Trump’s defenses are incredibly weak. “Politically motivated” is like saying Mueller wants to bring the case because he doesn’t like Trump, that he won’t play with Trump in the sandbox. Moreover, Trump’s recent thoughts about firing Mueller, something he probably can’t do but certainly thinks he has the power to do, is another piece of evidence swirling around possible charges if not pointing directly at it.

What’s further indefensible is that Trump’s first full Cabinet meeting recently played out like everyone in the room was so afraid to say anything even nuanced about what their offices, and what Trump, are doing to improve this country. They were so afraid to say anything bad that they went around the room and gave such strong praise for Trump himself and his actions that it seemed like Trump successfully instilled in them the fear that anything less would get them fired. As I said, he has tested people. At first, you test someone’s loyalty and then fire them if they’re not loyal. Then, the news gets out, and eventually, you don’t have to directly test the next person because they’ve read the news and are aware of their possibly being fired if they aren’t loyal, and as such, they are loyal without a test.

Again, is this Obstruction of Justice? In this case, no. IT’S BULLYING. Whether that should be against the law is less important than whether it already is against the law. Moreover, whoever gets fired would be replaced and the next person replaced, as well, until Trump finds someone who will bow down to him. Unfortunately, none of this is illegal. In short, acting like a dictator is not illegal. Only being one is. But then, who would bring such charges if they can fired for doing so? Even if they did, they’d be fired before they could bring the case to a judge, and then perhaps Trump could influence someone who has the power to fire the judge. Ya know, maybe Trump could push to have the case heard in front of a young judge without a lot of money and with several kids to take care of and then say something like It’d be a shame if the judge in this case allowed politics to get in the way of being impartial. This judge has beautiful children, and it’d be a shame if they couldn’t be taken care of because the judge violated the law by not being impartial. Then, suddenly, the judge would get scared and choose to find in favor of Trump. It’s really simple if you think like Trump.

HOWEVER, there’s one thing that could directly point to Obstruction of Justice. Trump has been firing people who, if they were still employed in their position, would have had the ability to provide evidence of and continue in their capacity to investigate Trump’s actions. By removing these people, this could be considered Witness Tampering and could be impeding any investigation by preventing those people from being able to hand over evidence of Trump’s wrongdoing because, without the authority stripped when they were fired, they can’t even have access to find evidence that might be necessary to turn over to law enforcement. THIS may be it.


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