Obstruction of Justice

Now, what do I think will actually happen? Well, frankly I don’t think Trump will get that far. It may seem early, but the 2018 campaigns are around the corner, and democracy is a very powerful tool to reboot the system is something isn’t going wrong. If there’s a glitch. Therefore, I don’t think there’s too much to worry about regarding the Obstruction of Justice. Everything else Trump is doing is far worse.

So where are we now? Well, Mueller is going to investigate actual criminal wrongdoing, and we’ll see where it goes. Like I said, I think there’s enough to smell like a criminal act but no smoking gun.

Here’s the reality: Trump has been, for most of his life, and certainly while running for office and while in office, one of the most unethical human beings to have as much power as he has in recent history of this nation. He can withdraw money from his company at any time, despite setting up a trust to manage it at arm’s length, which has profited from trademarks in China, trademarks only given to him because of the office he holds, which is a violation of the Emoluments Clause, he has fired everyone that has gotten in his way, he has issued threats to anyone even thinking of being disloyal, including claiming he may have evidence the other side violated the law, and followed through to be sure no one thinks he’s bluffing, and he’s even fired the investigator and is thinking about fired the one who’s supposed to be independent all so that he can remain the most powerful man alive. He’s already been indicted by the public. If he hasn’t violated a law, most of us won’t think he’s innocent but that the law wasn’t written strongly enough to bring him down.

So what should we do? The Republicans hold the majority in the House and the Senate. Should we impeach him? Well, we can’t because the House won’t do it, and the Senate has no say in that until the House does it first.

How does Impeachment work?


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